Practice Areas

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It is better to do a few things well, than be average at many things. That is why I limit my practice to Criminal Defense and Personal Injury.

Criminal Defense

As a former clerk at the DeSoto County District Attorney's office, and a current municipal prosecutor, I know the best way to provide you with options for your criminal defense. Developing a defense strategy takes time and requires a lot of decisions. I believe in letting my clients be involved in every step of the defense. I handle the following types of felony cases:

Sex Crimes

I handle all types of sex crimes, including forcible rape, sexual battery, assault, and statutory rape. Some sex crimes carry the potential for life sentences, and it is important to find a passionate lawyer to combat that. A lot of defense attorneys do not like handling sex crimes, but I believe everyone deserves a fair shake, regardless of the accusation. I believe you are innocent until proven guilty.

Drug Crimes

I have successful results in drug sales, drug possessions, and drug trafficking. Mississippi classifies different drugs into categories called a “schedule”. I have helped people with drugs in all schedules and in all amounts up to125 kilograms (275 pounds).

Violent Crimes

This would include aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, etc.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Most people are surprised by how many good people receive a DUI citation. DUI's can be embarrassing, but a DUI ticket does not automatically mean you have to plead guilty. See our DUI page for more information.


There is no misdemeanor or felony crime that I will not defend. Just because I haven't written a lot about embezzlement, white collar crime, or other offenses, does not mean I cannot help you in those areas too.


When I was living in Florida for college, I was hurt badly in a car wreck because the other driver was careless and did not pay attention to the road. Even after reconstructive surgery on my shoulder and years of chiropractic care, I still experience pain.

I know on a very personal level how hard it is to deal with being in a car wreck. I want to help you the same way my attorney helped me. See our personal injury page for more information.

*In addition to these practice areas, Matthew Barton serves as a municipal prosecutor for the city of Horn Lake where he handles misdemeanor cases ranging from assault, DUI, possession of controlled substance, to malicious mischief or shoplifting.

Silence is Golden

Whether you’ve been accused of a crime or been hurt in a car wreck, one thing remains the same: DO NOT TALK! Police, prosecutors, and insurance companies will use what you say to hurt you. They will twist your words and try to take advantage of you. Let me do all the talking for you, because I know how their systems and games work. I will remind them of your rights.

Locals Know

If you are looking for the best restaurants, a reputable doctor, or directions around town, you always ask a local. I provide the local insight needed to give you the best chance of a favorable result. The right lawyer can make all the difference. If you’ve been accused of a crime or injured in Hernando, Southaven, or DeSoto County Mississippi, I can give you the direction you need.