When Push Comes to Shove, Never Walk Alone

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When Your Liberty is at Stake

Criminal accusations can ruin your life. If your back is against the wall, let me stand in front of you. I have successfully handled cases involving sexual battery, rape, DUI, drug possession and sales, drug manufacture, drug trafficking, felony gun crimes, and violent crimes like aggravated assault and burglary. I will protect your rights.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a car wreck, you may not have the energy, time, or knowledge needed to make sure insurance companies issue a fair payment. Do not take the first offer without asking me if it is fair. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today.

Silence is Golden

Whether you’ve been accused of a crime or been hurt in a car wreck, one thing remains the same: DO NOT TALK! Police, prosecutors, and insurance companies will use what you say to hurt you. They will twist your words and try to take advantage of you. Let me do all the talking for you, because I know how their systems and games work. I will remind them of your rights.

Priority Matters

You need someone who can make sure your side of the story gets told. Your case is the most important thing going on in your life right now, and I understand the priority you deserve. A lot of firms introduce you to an attorney and then pass your file to a paralegal to handle. At my office, all work is done by an attorney because that is the priority you deserve.

Arrested? Never Walk Alone

Most of my clients have never been through the legal system before. It is hard to navigate through the struggles of being thrust into the “criminal defense world.” Most of my clients have never been arrested, posted a bond, experienced the anxiety of waiting for a grand jury, been indicted, or even been to court. If you're reading this, you may have never even heard of a grand jury. I walk with my clients every step of the way to make sure you understand each phase of the process, and feel re-assured that I will never lead you astray. The criminal defense world is confusing for those caught up in the system, but this is the world I live in. I can help. Regardless of whether you've been arrested for the first time or you are facing habitual charges, you should never walk alone, and I can show you the way.

Injured? Never Walk Alone

My collegiate soccer career ended after a devastating shoulder injury sustained in a car wreck required me to have reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. The insurance company was unwilling to pay…until I hired an injury attorney that cared. I felt alone until I received help from my attorney. Now that I am the attorney, I try to relieve your burdens by making your voice heard. I understand first hand the pain, stress, and impact an injury has on your life. When you need someone to make sure you are treated fairly, I will walk beside you.

Locals Know

If you are looking for the best restaurants, a reputable doctor, or directions around town, you always ask a local. I provide the local insight needed to give you the best chance of a favorable result. The right lawyer can make all the difference. If you’ve been accused of a crime or injured in Hernando, Southaven, or DeSoto County Mississippi, I can give you the direction you need.